How to Crack Excel 2007 Password If It is Lost?

How can I crack the password on my Excel 2007 file?

The password on one of my Excel 2007 document was lost!!! I was not sure if it has been changed by others or just I forgot it. Whatever, now I cannot access the file. Does anyone know of a certain solution that can retrieve or crack Excel 2007 password?

Have you ever suffered a lost Excel password solution like what described above? This is a very common issue nowadays. Though password protection really help us a lot in preventing others viewing or modifying our private or sensitive information included in the spreadsheet. But sometimes, it also causes annoying things, for example, we would be denied access to open or modify our protected Excel 2007 document once its password is lost. Below are some reasons that we often lose the password listed:

  • Very long combination of letters, numbers chosen in setting the password.
  • Changes made frequently.
  • Mixing up with password to open and password to modify.
  • Changed by family members, colleagues or illegally hacked by someone.

If you are facing Excel 2007 password forgotten problem with any one of the reasons above, don’t worry too much about it just because Microsoft doesn’t provide any recovery option for Excel. Instead you should have confidence in yourself that there is professional Office password recovery tool existed in this situation.

Use Office Password Recovery to perform Excel 2007 password crack.
Office Password Recovery is an all-in-one password recovery solution for recovering all types of lost or forgotten passwords for Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Access databases, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and Personal Storage Files (*.pst file). It is a real tool for people to easily and quickly retrieve and remove forgotten Excel password with 100% accuracy. It uses advanced brute force attack technique to provide fast recovery with 2 editions: Standard and Professional. Below are the simple steps on Excel 2007 password crack with the professional edition of this tool.

Step1: Free download this Office Password Recovery and then launch it quickly.
Step2: Click “Open” to load the target protected Excel document.
Step3: You have 2 options, choose one of them: 100% instant document decryption and Recover the password. The former one means “remove password directly”, and the latter one means password recovery. Here we choose “Recover the password”. Next, just click “Next” button to proceed.

Step4: Now simply by clicking “Start” can initiate forgotten Office 2007 password recovery.
(Note: Before click “Start” button, you can select any one of the 3 listed brute-force attacks to help you recover the password in a quicker way. And also in each attack there are some settings you can define by yourself, such as Min and Max Length of the password, any numbers or capital letters, special symbols included in the password etc. This is based on the information of the password you can still remember. )

One more thing, every user can use this tool to recover or crack Excel 2007 password offline. So it is 100% secure to your protected Excel file. If you have showed your interest in such a powerful Excel password crack tool, then don’t hesitate to free download its demo version to have a look first. Well, till here, above are all for how to crack Excel 2007 password. If you have any good problem or suggestion, just leave here a message.


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    you know, your blog is very well written, very close to life. Office Password Recovery is really an useful tool.

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    If you had forgotten your PST password then don’t worry now recover PST Password from Outlook. Use third party PST password recovery software and recover your password. It is easy to use and support all the Outlook versions.

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