How to Password Protect Excel in Different Ways?

We may have set passwords for many types of things such as computer, Facebook, MSN, E-mail etc. But have you ever heard of Excel password? And how many types of Excel password do you know? Actually, like computer password, Microsoft Excel also allows users to set different types of passwords for different privileges when accessing, viewing, modifying, formatting the file. So, here I am specially writing this article only for sharing knowledge on how to password protect Excel file in different ways.

Before we talk about ways to protect Excel with password, we need figure out the types of Excel password first.

5 types of Excel password in total
Type1. Password to open the worksheet
This is a password set for preventing authorized users from opening or accessing a worksheet. If a document is protected with this kind of password, every time when you open this file, you will be asked to enter the password. Now you can assign “Password to Open” as follows:
Step1: Open the target Excel document, and then click Microsoft Office icon in the top left corner.
Step2: In the prompted menu, select “Save As” option.
Step3: In the prompted “Save As…” window, click “Tools>>General Options”.
Step4: Now a “General Options” windows prompts, just enter and confirm your desired password to the “Password to open” box.

Type2. Password to modify the worksheet
This “Password to modify” is set if you want to password protect Excel worksheet from any change in the data or figures. If a document is protected with this kind of password, you then need to enter password to modify the file. As for how to password protect Excel with this password, it is similar to set password to open the worksheet, only different from that is you enter and confirm the password to “Password to modify” box in the last step.

Type3. Worksheet password
If you have several worksheets in a single .xls/.xlsx file such as Sheet 1, Sheet 2, Sheet 3 and so on, you can protect them with password too. So that next time when you open your Excel file, the password-protected worksheet cannot be modified without password. You can follow these simple steps to assign such password:
Step1: Open the target spreadsheet and then click “Review” tab.
Step2: Select “Protect Worksheet” option, next it prompts “Protect Worksheet” window.
Step3: You can select any option among the listed, and then type password to the box.

Type4. Workbook password
Users can use this password to protect their Excel spreadsheet from adding, deleting, hiding, and unhiding worksheets, and prevent unauthorized users from changing the size or position of window as well. To assign this password to your Excel document, it is quite similar to set “Protect Worksheet”. In “Review” tab you just choose “Protect Workbook” and then type password after selecting both or appropriate option from “Structure” and “Windows”.

Type5. VBA modules password
This kind of password protection is much more secure than previous types. You can also protect excel sheet so that Visual Basic for Application module cannot be changed by any unauthorized user. To set such password, perform the following:
Step1: Select the “VBA module >> VBA Project Properties >> Protection”
Step2: Click the Protection tab.
Step3: In this window, check the Lock project for viewing option and assign password in the Password to view project properties dialogue box.
Step4: Click OK. The VBA module is now protected with password and secure from any unauthorized use.

Above are all the types of Excel password and ways on how to perform Excel password protect. With those different passwords set on your Excel document, you will well protect them with high security. However, if you forget or lose the password of your Excel spreadsheet, don’t worry, you can still use Office Password Recovery tool to find it. Here you can get more information on how to find or recover forgotten Excel password:



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