Excel Password Recovery – How to Recover or Remove Microsoft Office Excel Password Swiftly

We all know that Office Excel is a kind of spreadsheet and we can easily reduce many papers and spend less time to draw tables. It is really a great invention in office. But have you ever lost Excel password of your Microsoft Office? If yes, maybe it is not your fault to lose it, but once you really need the password to open your encrypted Excel document, you have to spare no effort to recover it, especially in work. Once you have to deal with this problem, which method do you first choose? Most of us choose to make use of an Excel password recovery tool.


Sometimes you may figure out the Excel password recovery method is too hard and unauthentic because you have never met this before and you have no idea whether there is something wrong after using a password recovery program, but to tell you the truth, it is not so difficult. Or perhaps you worry about the encrypted data will be stolen after you decrypt the password with the tool. But as far as I am concerned, there is no need to have that apprehension. It is no good for the password recovery company to steal your information. They just provide a kind of service for you and as one of their customers you can take it easy because no companies want to ruin their reputation or do illegal things.

Therefore, you might was well trying an Excel password recovery tool and see how to use it as below:

Step 1: Get Excel password recovery tool

excel3242Download it from Google search, its official website or another download site and install Excel password recovery (Such as SmartKey Excel Password Recovery 5.0) into your computer and then click the shortcut of this tool to open it.

Step 2: Select Excel password attack mode

Click the Open button to insert your password protected Excel document, and under the button you can see two password attack modes, one is 100% instant document decryption and the other is Recover the password. There are instructions under each of the mode, you can read it and quickly distinguish them. Don’t forget that the first mode is only support Excel 97-2003, so if the version of Excel is >2003, you have to select the second to recover Excel password instead of removing password.


Step 3: Recover/ Remove Excel Password

(1) If you select to remove the password, you will enter another interface after clicking Next button. Then you just need to click Decrypt document and after a while your password will be removed by this Excel password remover with a hint.


(2) If you select to recover the password, you will enter another interface that shows three password attack types for you, one is Brute-force Attack, one is Brute-force with Mask Attack and the last one is Dictionary Attack. Choose one of the types and then click the Start button to begin recovery. If you have no clue about your password, just click the Dictionary Attack. Within minutes you will be found by this Excel password recovery tool.


After reading this tutorial, you must have a clear about how such Excel password recovery works. As a matter of fact, you can also take advantage of an Office password recovery tool to unlock Excel password. About how to use it you can refer:

Office Password Recovery – How to Remove or Recover Microsoft Office Password for All Office Versions

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