Office Password Recovery User Guide

Office Password Recovery has 2 functions. This is the user guide for function

  1. 1. 100% Instant Document Decryption (Support Word/Excel 97-2003)
  2. 2. Recover The Password (Support Office 97-2010) Current!

Recover the Password

Overview of the steps
  1. 1. Click Open to import the Office file you want to decompress
  2. 2. Choose an attack type to recover lost Office password
  3. 3. Choosing password search settings (displayed only if the Brute-Force with Mask or Dictionary Attack mode is set)
  4. 4. Click "Start" button and then you will get your lost password
Step1: Click Open to import the Office file you want to decompress:

import the Office file

Select your Office file in the Open File window, and click "Open".

select Office file

Step2: Choose an attack type to recover lost Office password:

There are three attack types in our program for you to recover your password. They are Brute-force attack, Brute-force with Mask attack and Dictionary attack.

Select Office attack type

1. Brute-Force Attack. This Attack will try all possible characters combinations in the specified Range. The Range is defined by Password Length and Brute-Force Range Options.

2. Brute-Force with Mask Attack. This Attack is useful when you remeber a part of Password. For example if you remember that length of your password was 6 characters and password begins from "M", you can define the mask "M????" and save the time by trying 5 symbols instead of 6.M Password Mask must be defined to use this Attack.

3. Dictionary Attack. This Attack verifies the words stored in the specified Dictionary File. The dictionary is just the text (ASCII file) with one work at a line; the lines are separated with line breaks. You can set additional Dictionary Options for this Attack. A Dictionary Attack is much more faster than Brute-Force so we recommend to run it first.

Step3: Choosing password search settings (displayed only if the Brute-Force with Mask or Dictionary Attack mode is set):

Select any one of the 3 listed attack options and then click "Start" to initiate ppt password recovery. (Note: In each attack option, you can define the specific items according to how much information of the password you could remember.)

Brute-force Attack

Please choose the research area of the password including length, uppercase, lowercase, numbers, symbols, prefix and suffix.

1. Password length: the choosing of minimal and maximal password length. (In some cases the program may determine the exact length of the password and this selection is grayed-out).

2. Brute-force range options:The Predefined Passwords Ranges contain the following Characters:

a) "a - z": abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
c) "0 - 9": 0123456789
d) " !@...." !@#$%^&*()_+-=<>,./?[]{}~:;`'|"\
e) "All Printable": contains all Ranges defined above

3. Password mask: If you already know some characters in the Password, you can specify the Mask to decrease the total number of passwords to be verified. At the moment, you can set the Mask only for fixed-length Passwords, but doing this can still help. For example, you know that the Password contains 7 characters, starts with 'W', and ends with 'R8'; the other symbols are small or capital letters. So, the Mask to be set is "W????R8".

Note: During the recovery process, you can also click "Stop" to stop operation or click "Back" to continue other operation.

Brute-force with Mask Attack

Step 4: Click "Start" button and then you will get your lost password.

After clicking "Start" button, the program is recovering the ppt password. Within seconds, the desired password will be recovered successfully with being displayed in the File Opening/Editting Password Box. Next, just close the box and exit the program, then use this password to access to the target ppt file.

Remove Office Password

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