How to Unlock Password of Microsoft Office 2013 (Including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access)

Question 1: I lost my MS Office Word 2013 file password how to fix it?

I have an Office Word docx file and I create a password on it. I need to type my secret diary in that word document so I encrypted it. However, a few days later, I can’t remember the password to open that encrypted Word document. I need to find the password back in urgent. Without the password I can’t type in the reset words in my Word documents. That’s part of my life and I really don’t want to lose it. Does anyone know of the Office 2013 file password unlock way?

Question 2: How to Unlock Excel 2013 in Microsoft Office? Plz Help!

Help! I need help! I lost the password of my Office Excel 2013 spreadsheet. I really can’t help crying! I have kept updating the Excel and use it to record my data. The same as other people, I dislike other persons to see my data in that Excel, so I locked it. To my surprise, I forgot the password of that Excel file. OMG! If I know it is so easy to lose the password, I won’t create the password to my Excel 2013 spreadsheet. In a word, help me please and thanks in advanced.

Solution: Unlock Password Office 2013 with Office Password Recovery Tool

When you forget or lose your Office 2013 password because of the absurd or unexpected reasons, you would like to find it back. To our disappointment, Microsoft doesn’t provide the official way to help you resetting or recovering it. It is not like the Microsoft account, if you remember the registered Email address; you can reset it by clicking the reset password link in that Email.

Therefore, in this time, all we have to do is ask the third-party software for help. Here in this post, I will recommend the easiest and more professional password recovery software for Office 2013 to you all. It is the SmartKey Office Password Recovery software that I want to share with you.

I have tested other similar tools but only this one works. Or in other ways to say that, this smart Office password key is the better program to unlock your Office 2013 file password. It is the well-known Office 2013 password recovery software in the world. Now you will see how to unlock the password of Office 2013 by using it.

Step 1: Download this program from its official website or from other download center such as and then install it to your computer.

Step 2: Open the software and then choose the first button. Then you need to insert your locked file to this application. Then you will see three password attack types. Choose one of them and then click the Recover button.


Step 3: After a while, your password will be found in the pop-up window. That’s so easy to finish the process.


Last but not least, you can also use this Office password recovery software to remove password of Word and Excel 97-2003, to recover Access database and even to search the encrypted file. To get more details about how to unlock or remove password on Office 2013, you can check out the official website of the SmartKey software.

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