Office 2007 Password Recovery – Tricks to Help You Recover Microsoft Office 2007 Password Instantly

Suppose that you have Microsoft Office 2007 installed in your computer, you might meet these situations:

If you need to send an article to one of your friends, you don’t have to write a letter and then ask a postman to help you. You are able to easily open your computer, choose to post via email, sending an Office Word 2007 document as an attachment to share with him or her.

If you have to make a financial reporting for your enterprise, you don’t need to input large numbers of data one by one, as long as you double click the Office Excel 2007 icon and open an Excel 2007 spreadsheet that have stored all of the needed data and then with a couple of clicks, you can instantly figure out the results with the function or algorithm in the Office Excel 2007.

If you suppose to share your ideas with your workmates, you don’t need to write down them in a blackboard; just use a Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 to make up a presentation and then either you or the audience will have a clear mind on your description and slide show.

Of course, the precondition of those operations is that you can open the Office software. However, what if your Office 2007 documents are locked with a password and you forgot or lost the password by accident. That is really an awkward situation. Therefore, you have to try your best to unlock it. However, where can you find out a method that is able to recover locked Office password once for all?


In fact there is an Office 2007 password recovery tool – SmartKey Office Password Recovery 5.0. I have ever used it to recover my Office 2007 password and it worked. It quickly finds out my lost Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2007 password successfully. And to my surprise, after doing some researches I discovered that it could also recover Office Outlook and Access password. What’s more, it is not only work in 2007 but also for other Office versions.

Now let’s see how to use this Office password cracker with three simple steps:

Step 1: Download this SmartKey Office Password Recovery from its official website or other software download sites and install it to your computer right now.

Step 2: Choose the mode of “Recover the password”, click “Next” and then enter the password attack type interface, choose one attack type from it and click “Start”.


Step 3: Within a while you will see your Office 2007 password in a textbox. Then you can use the password to lock your Office 2007 documents and continue using it or use this Office password remover to remove the password and finish your intention of Office password remove.

For more detail steps about this Office password recovery you can click the link in

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