Office Password Recovery – How to Remove or Recover Microsoft Office Password for All Office Versions

Generally speaking, if you install a Microsoft Office suit to your Windows OS or Mac OS, it contains Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook and other programs such as Groove, InfoPath, OneNote and Publisher that we are rarely used in our life. Take me for an example, my Office toolbox includes the nine tools that mention above, but I have no idea about what the later four tools for and I have never opened them before. What I usually used are Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Therefore, sometimes I was wondering that why we only need to use three or so of the Microsoft Office suit but we have to install all the other unnecessary tools. That is unfair.

More than that, from the latest news I know that at present we have two ways to pay for an Office suit. One is to buy the Office suit for $140 to $400; the other is paying $100 a year for the Office 365, which is a subscription to those Office programs. But I will never to that because I have paid for my Office 2007 for money, there is no demand for me to do that. But if you are interested in this news, you can have a plan for your Windows PCs or Macs now.

Whatever, we have to acknowledge that we can’t finish anything without the Microsoft Office. The Word helps us to write words, the Excel helps us to analyze easy or complicated numbers; the PowerPoint helps us show the best presentation to our viewers and the Access helps us make a little database for our tables. I think that is the reason that why more and more persons create passwords on many of their Office documents as well. They need a locked Office password to protect some of their important documents.


However, not every Office document owners can remember their passwords well. I am not the exception, too. For the reason of my work, I set passwords on several of my Office 2007 documents but I have a mess of them and can’t find out the exact password so far. I have nothing to do without opening the document. Thus, I need to look for a way to solve it. At last, I got a tool called Office Password Recovery 5.0 and it is one of the SmartKey programs. It really helped me a lot and it is very fast to recover my Office 2007 password and the most one is that all of my data won’t be lost.

SmartKey Office Password Recovery is an all-in-one password recovery toolbox to target the Microsoft Office programs including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access and no matter your version is 97, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 or 2013, no matter the program of Office is Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access or Outlook, you can utilize it to crack your Office password all the time. At the same time, in view of the different versions you have different method on using it. Now let’s see how to use this powerful tool.

Pattern One: Remove Office Password on Microsoft Office 97-2003.

Even though there are fewer people who are still using Office 2003 version below, we are not sure that no users are using them. So in order to help this special throng, they can remove the Office password with this Office password remover.

Just got this tool in any way and then install it to your computer, open this program and choose the document that is password protected, select the 100% Instant Document Decryption mode and the follow the instructions to fulfill Office password remove process. By the way, this way is only support Office Word document password remove and Excel spreadsheet password remove.


Pattern Two: Recover Office Password on Microsoft Office 97-2013.

It is lucky for all the users of all MS Offices version because they can retrieve their lost Office password instead of removing it and they can recover all the versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook password. Since most of the Office users use the version of 2007 and 2010. Therefore, for Office 2007 users this is an Office 2007 password recovery tool and for Office 2010 users this is an Office 2010 password recovery tool.

Just install this Office password cracker and then choose your target document the same as the pattern one and then choose recover the password. There are three attack types in this recovery mode. They are Brute-Force Attackļ¼ŒBrute-Force with Mask and Dictionary. Just chose one of them based on your requirement and the click next to recover your Office password successfully.


What a great Office password recovery tool!Still confused about it or interested in it? It doesn’t matter. You can click your mouse and visit this website to learn more information about it. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

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