Remove Word 2010 Password – How to Remove Office Word 2010 Password Instantly

If every computer is installed an Office Word, then I think all of us know what Microsoft Office Word is. But as a matter of fact, even a little child knows what Word is. Their parents, teachers or even they know that there is a Word icon on the desktop of a computer when they learn to see the screen and touch the mouse. If they don’t know that it is, I think their family members, teachers, classmates will teach them, or they will click the icon and surprisingly find that they can type words and sentences on it. I think that is also the first impression to Word when we are kids.

But if we change our thinking model, Microsoft Office Word is actually widely used in the world, especially in work. For the large numbers of Word users, Word is a good helper, but sometimes we may hate it. For what? We can create passwords on Word, but fail to remember it sometimes. So we hate it? I think we should reflect on ourselves first. That is what I mean in this article.


remove Word 2010 password

Perhaps we can say that we are able to password protect our Word 2010 document, but to remove it, that is what we seldom think. Therefore, I find out a tool to specially remove Word password for such poor guys.

I find that to open password protected Word 2010 document, the best way is to make use of a Word password recovery tool. And among all the free or non-free tools, I recommend SmartKey Word Password Recovery. It is an excellent Word password removal to remove or recover Word password, no matter in any Word versions. We only have to use three easy steps to find out the Word password and then remove it; you can see them as below:

Step 1: Gain a Word password recovery tool and then install and open it. Then you will see an open button on the top of the interface. Just insert your locked Word document to this tool.


Step 2: Choose an option from two password recovery actions – 100% Instant Document Decryption and Recover the password.


Step 3: Recover or remove password Word 2010 with the tool instantly without five minutes.


If you have any question about how to remove Word 2010 password and how to use Word password recovery, you can check out for more detailed information.

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