How to Reset Excel Password If It is Forgotten or Lost Somehow?

Ever set password to your Excel spreadsheet for safe protection?
Ever wished to reset Excel password when it is forgotten or lost somehow?

If your answer is yes, then just read this article, and you will find something useful. Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is not the only spreadsheet application in the market, but it has always been very popular and widely used. This is not only because it is of quite practical value but also partly because of its multiple user-friendly features.

One of the great features of Microsoft Excel is that it allows users to use different types of password to protect their Excel documents from being opened, deleted, modified etc. by hackers, or unauthorized access. But someday, if you just find you cannot open or modify your spreadsheet because you are always required to type the correct password. At this time, you may forget the password, or the password was just changed by others without telling you, then how would you do to your encrypted Excel spreadsheet? Reset or recover the password? Yes, that’s right. In the following, I will show you how-to tips on Excel password reset or recovery.

How to reset forgotten or lost Excel password?
I could say that to reset a forgotten Excel password with a third-party application like Excel Password Recovery can be the only way out there since Microsoft Office doesn’t offer any service to encrypt an Excel spreadsheet without knowing its password.

So, what does such application like Office Password Recovery do? Well, this tool has 2 editions and both of the editions are professionally designed for removing and recovering the lost Excel password. Below are the step-by-step tutorials on how to use the professional edition of this tool to deal with password forgotten Excel spreadsheet.

Remove the lost Excel password directly with Office Password Recovery Professional.
Step1: Free download and install, run Office Password Recovery Professional on your PC.
Step2: When the program runs, click “Open” to import the target spreadsheet to the application.
Step3: Select “100 instant document decryption” option and click “Next” to go on.
Step4: Click “Document Decrypt” to start resetting Excel password for real.
Step5: Very soon, usually in 2 or 3 minutes, the password will be decrypted successfully. And the decrypted file (*_Fixed.xls) can be automatically saved in the folder where you put the protected Excel spreadsheet.

Recover the forgotten Excel password with Office Password Recovery Professional.
After download, install and run the program, and import the target Excel file similarly to the steps above in removing Excel password. You then can perform the below steps to recover password:
Setp1: Select “Recover the password” and click “Next” to proceed.
Step2: Now you have 3 options in choice of brute-force attack (known as password technique). Choose any one of them according to how much information of the password you could still think of. Usually this application would select Brute-force with Mask as the attack by default if you don’t select other attacks.
Step3: Simply by clicking “Start”, you can initiate the Office password recovery.

That’s all for how to reset Excel password when it is forgotten or lost. Wanna to give it a try? Just you got to move now!


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