Tricks to Reset Windows 8 Administrator Password

Problem: “My sister has locked herself out of her Windows 8 account with Administrator privileges. Everything she tried to but needs to provide an administrator password, which she used to lock herself out. Is there anything she can do”?

Solution: Reset her Windows 8 administrator password to regain administrator privileges of her computer.
Here are some solutions for her to reset Windows 8 admin password. No special technical skill required. Everyone can do it by following the methods listed below.

reset windows 8 password

Completely free solution – use Ophcrack or Linux Live CD
If she wants to solve her problem without any charge, the best solution is to use Opchrack or create a Linux Live CD.

Ophcrack is a complete free Windows password recovery that runs on Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, Mac, linux. Based on rainbow tables, this free Windows password recovery allows her to recover her forgotten Windows 8 password, not reset the password. But this freeware is complicated and time-consuming. Most of important, the password recovery rate is not guaranteed.

Creating a Linux Live CD is another choice when she forgot Windows 8 password or other Windows passwords. But if your sister is newbie, this method is not suggested as it requires a little technique skills.

The easiest and fastest solution – use Windows Password Key Professional

Windows Password Key Professional is an easy yet efficient Windows password reset app designed for personal and business users. With this simple utility, she can burn a bootable Windows password reset disk with CD/DVD or USB drive in seconds to reset the lost Windows password on locked PC. And she will be access the locked PC without password.

This program can reset any type of Windows password, such as Windows administrator password, standard user password and guest password. It support all popular Windows platforms like Windows 8/7/Vista/XP and Windows servers. The whole Windows 8 password recovery process will cost no more than 4 minutes, regardless of her computing level and password strength. Overall steps:

1. Download and install Windows Password Key Professional in any PC.
2. Burn a bootable Windows password reset disk with CD/DVD/USB drive.
3. Start her locked PC from the bootable password reset disk.
4. Reset lost Windows 8 administrator password within a few clicks.

The last solution – Reinstall Windows
Reinstalling Windows is always regarded as the last solution when it comes to bypass Windows 8 password. This will not only erase some of  important data, but also take her much time.

One more tip: In reality, the best solution for resetting a forgotten Windows 8 password is to use the password reset disk created through the Windows 8 built-in feature. But the presupposition is that she remembers to create that disk before forgetting her computer password.

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