How to Unlock Password of Microsoft Office 2013 (Including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access)

Question 1: I lost my MS Office Word 2013 file password how to fix it?

I have an Office Word docx file and I create a password on it. I need to type my secret diary in that word document so I encrypted it. However, a few days later, I can’t remember the password to open that encrypted Word document. I need to find the password back in urgent. Without the password I can’t type in the reset words in my Word documents. That’s part of my life and I really don’t want to lose it. Does anyone know of the Office 2013 file password unlock way?

Question 2: How to Unlock Excel 2013 in Microsoft Office? Plz Help!

Help! I need help! I lost the password of my Office Excel 2013 spreadsheet. I really can’t help crying! I have kept updating the Excel and use it to record my data. The same as other people, I dislike other persons to see my data in that Excel, so I locked it. To my surprise, I forgot the password of that Excel file. OMG! If I know it is so easy to lose the password, I won’t create the password to my Excel 2013 spreadsheet. In a word, help me please and thanks in advanced.

Solution: Unlock Password Office 2013 with Office Password Recovery Tool

When you forget or lose your Office 2013 password because of the absurd or unexpected reasons, you would like to find it back. To our disappointment, Microsoft doesn’t provide the official way to help you resetting or recovering it. It is not like the Microsoft account, if you remember the registered Email address; you can reset it by clicking the reset password link in that Email.

Therefore, in this time, all we have to do is ask the third-party software for help. Here in this post, I will recommend the easiest and more professional password recovery software for Office 2013 to you all. It is the SmartKey Office Password Recovery software that I want to share with you.

I have tested other similar tools but only this one works. Or in other ways to say that, this smart Office password key is the better program to unlock your Office 2013 file password. It is the well-known Office 2013 password recovery software in the world. Now you will see how to unlock the password of Office 2013 by using it.

Step 1: Download this program from its official website or from other download center such as and then install it to your computer.

Step 2: Open the software and then choose the first button. Then you need to insert your locked file to this application. Then you will see three password attack types. Choose one of them and then click the Recover button.


Step 3: After a while, your password will be found in the pop-up window. That’s so easy to finish the process.


Last but not least, you can also use this Office password recovery software to remove password of Word and Excel 97-2003, to recover Access database and even to search the encrypted file. To get more details about how to unlock or remove password on Office 2013, you can check out the official website of the SmartKey software.

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Office Password Remover – How to Remove or Crack Password on Office 97-2013

Microsoft Office is a suit that is designed by Microsoft. It contains Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, OneNote, and Publisher and so on. It is great software that is able to help with almost all your Office work. Even though it is installed in your computer without your permission once you get the computer, I have to say that you are not likely to refuse the installation from time to time because it is hard for you to find out a succedaneum to substitute for Office software.


Office password remover

Office is so popular and widely used in our work, study and life. Sometimes we have to create a password on it when the Office document is so important for us. Therefore, every time when we need to open the Office file, we will have to type a password in order to decrypt it. If you remember the password, it is so easy to unlock the Office software; however, if you forgot the Office password in an unexpected way, it will be an unhappy thing if the Office file is quite significant for you. Thus, you will need an Office password remover to unlock the password.

Perhaps you have guessed that Office password remover is a kind of software that does well in Office password recovery. Yes, you are right. It is a professional Office password recovery tool, which is a magic Office password cracker to recover lost password on Office, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access. You can use it to unlock all the passwords on your Office software.


Which Office password recovery tool is the better? I think SmartKey Office Password Recovery 5.0 is good enough. You can not only use it to recover your Office 2007, but also for Office 2010 and 2013. Therefore it is also your Office 2007 password recovery tool, 2010 password recovery tool and Office 2013 password breaker. Before knowing it, you have to learn how to use it, so look at the below instructions.

Step 1 – Gain this Office password recovery tool and then download and install it to your computer. Then open this tool and insert your locked Office files.


Step 2– There are two situations here:

(1) If your Office version is Office 97 and Office 2003, you have to click the 100% instant document decryption and then click the Next button to remove the password.


(2) If your Office version is Office 97- 2013, you can click the Recover the password button and click the Next button to recover the password. Then you have to choose one password atttack mode, then click the Start button to recover Office password.


Step 3– After a while, you will find out your locked Office password successfully. Then you are able to use the password to unlock your encrypted Office files. And then to remove the password or to continue use the password to open your files, it depends on you.


If you want to find out more details about this Office password remove tool, you can click

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Remove Word 2010 Password – How to Remove Office Word 2010 Password Instantly

If every computer is installed an Office Word, then I think all of us know what Microsoft Office Word is. But as a matter of fact, even a little child knows what Word is. Their parents, teachers or even they know that there is a Word icon on the desktop of a computer when they learn to see the screen and touch the mouse. If they don’t know that it is, I think their family members, teachers, classmates will teach them, or they will click the icon and surprisingly find that they can type words and sentences on it. I think that is also the first impression to Word when we are kids.

But if we change our thinking model, Microsoft Office Word is actually widely used in the world, especially in work. For the large numbers of Word users, Word is a good helper, but sometimes we may hate it. For what? We can create passwords on Word, but fail to remember it sometimes. So we hate it? I think we should reflect on ourselves first. That is what I mean in this article.


remove Word 2010 password

Perhaps we can say that we are able to password protect our Word 2010 document, but to remove it, that is what we seldom think. Therefore, I find out a tool to specially remove Word password for such poor guys.

I find that to open password protected Word 2010 document, the best way is to make use of a Word password recovery tool. And among all the free or non-free tools, I recommend SmartKey Word Password Recovery. It is an excellent Word password removal to remove or recover Word password, no matter in any Word versions. We only have to use three easy steps to find out the Word password and then remove it; you can see them as below:

Step 1: Gain a Word password recovery tool and then install and open it. Then you will see an open button on the top of the interface. Just insert your locked Word document to this tool.


Step 2: Choose an option from two password recovery actions – 100% Instant Document Decryption and Recover the password.


Step 3: Recover or remove password Word 2010 with the tool instantly without five minutes.


If you have any question about how to remove Word 2010 password and how to use Word password recovery, you can check out for more detailed information.

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Excel Password Recovery – How to Recover or Remove Microsoft Office Excel Password Swiftly

We all know that Office Excel is a kind of spreadsheet and we can easily reduce many papers and spend less time to draw tables. It is really a great invention in office. But have you ever lost Excel password of your Microsoft Office? If yes, maybe it is not your fault to lose it, but once you really need the password to open your encrypted Excel document, you have to spare no effort to recover it, especially in work. Once you have to deal with this problem, which method do you first choose? Most of us choose to make use of an Excel password recovery tool.


Sometimes you may figure out the Excel password recovery method is too hard and unauthentic because you have never met this before and you have no idea whether there is something wrong after using a password recovery program, but to tell you the truth, it is not so difficult. Or perhaps you worry about the encrypted data will be stolen after you decrypt the password with the tool. But as far as I am concerned, there is no need to have that apprehension. It is no good for the password recovery company to steal your information. They just provide a kind of service for you and as one of their customers you can take it easy because no companies want to ruin their reputation or do illegal things.

Therefore, you might was well trying an Excel password recovery tool and see how to use it as below:

Step 1: Get Excel password recovery tool

excel3242Download it from Google search, its official website or another download site and install Excel password recovery (Such as SmartKey Excel Password Recovery 5.0) into your computer and then click the shortcut of this tool to open it.

Step 2: Select Excel password attack mode

Click the Open button to insert your password protected Excel document, and under the button you can see two password attack modes, one is 100% instant document decryption and the other is Recover the password. There are instructions under each of the mode, you can read it and quickly distinguish them. Don’t forget that the first mode is only support Excel 97-2003, so if the version of Excel is >2003, you have to select the second to recover Excel password instead of removing password.


Step 3: Recover/ Remove Excel Password

(1) If you select to remove the password, you will enter another interface after clicking Next button. Then you just need to click Decrypt document and after a while your password will be removed by this Excel password remover with a hint.


(2) If you select to recover the password, you will enter another interface that shows three password attack types for you, one is Brute-force Attack, one is Brute-force with Mask Attack and the last one is Dictionary Attack. Choose one of the types and then click the Start button to begin recovery. If you have no clue about your password, just click the Dictionary Attack. Within minutes you will be found by this Excel password recovery tool.


After reading this tutorial, you must have a clear about how such Excel password recovery works. As a matter of fact, you can also take advantage of an Office password recovery tool to unlock Excel password. About how to use it you can refer:

Office Password Recovery – How to Remove or Recover Microsoft Office Password for All Office Versions

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Office 2007 Password Recovery – Tricks to Help You Recover Microsoft Office 2007 Password Instantly

Suppose that you have Microsoft Office 2007 installed in your computer, you might meet these situations:

If you need to send an article to one of your friends, you don’t have to write a letter and then ask a postman to help you. You are able to easily open your computer, choose to post via email, sending an Office Word 2007 document as an attachment to share with him or her.

If you have to make a financial reporting for your enterprise, you don’t need to input large numbers of data one by one, as long as you double click the Office Excel 2007 icon and open an Excel 2007 spreadsheet that have stored all of the needed data and then with a couple of clicks, you can instantly figure out the results with the function or algorithm in the Office Excel 2007.

If you suppose to share your ideas with your workmates, you don’t need to write down them in a blackboard; just use a Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 to make up a presentation and then either you or the audience will have a clear mind on your description and slide show.

Of course, the precondition of those operations is that you can open the Office software. However, what if your Office 2007 documents are locked with a password and you forgot or lost the password by accident. That is really an awkward situation. Therefore, you have to try your best to unlock it. However, where can you find out a method that is able to recover locked Office password once for all?


In fact there is an Office 2007 password recovery tool – SmartKey Office Password Recovery 5.0. I have ever used it to recover my Office 2007 password and it worked. It quickly finds out my lost Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2007 password successfully. And to my surprise, after doing some researches I discovered that it could also recover Office Outlook and Access password. What’s more, it is not only work in 2007 but also for other Office versions.

Now let’s see how to use this Office password cracker with three simple steps:

Step 1: Download this SmartKey Office Password Recovery from its official website or other software download sites and install it to your computer right now.

Step 2: Choose the mode of “Recover the password”, click “Next” and then enter the password attack type interface, choose one attack type from it and click “Start”.


Step 3: Within a while you will see your Office 2007 password in a textbox. Then you can use the password to lock your Office 2007 documents and continue using it or use this Office password remover to remove the password and finish your intention of Office password remove.

For more detail steps about this Office password recovery you can click the link in

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Office Password Recovery – How to Remove or Recover Microsoft Office Password for All Office Versions

Generally speaking, if you install a Microsoft Office suit to your Windows OS or Mac OS, it contains Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook and other programs such as Groove, InfoPath, OneNote and Publisher that we are rarely used in our life. Take me for an example, my Office toolbox includes the nine tools that mention above, but I have no idea about what the later four tools for and I have never opened them before. What I usually used are Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Therefore, sometimes I was wondering that why we only need to use three or so of the Microsoft Office suit but we have to install all the other unnecessary tools. That is unfair.

More than that, from the latest news I know that at present we have two ways to pay for an Office suit. One is to buy the Office suit for $140 to $400; the other is paying $100 a year for the Office 365, which is a subscription to those Office programs. But I will never to that because I have paid for my Office 2007 for money, there is no demand for me to do that. But if you are interested in this news, you can have a plan for your Windows PCs or Macs now.

Whatever, we have to acknowledge that we can’t finish anything without the Microsoft Office. The Word helps us to write words, the Excel helps us to analyze easy or complicated numbers; the PowerPoint helps us show the best presentation to our viewers and the Access helps us make a little database for our tables. I think that is the reason that why more and more persons create passwords on many of their Office documents as well. They need a locked Office password to protect some of their important documents.


However, not every Office document owners can remember their passwords well. I am not the exception, too. For the reason of my work, I set passwords on several of my Office 2007 documents but I have a mess of them and can’t find out the exact password so far. I have nothing to do without opening the document. Thus, I need to look for a way to solve it. At last, I got a tool called Office Password Recovery 5.0 and it is one of the SmartKey programs. It really helped me a lot and it is very fast to recover my Office 2007 password and the most one is that all of my data won’t be lost.

SmartKey Office Password Recovery is an all-in-one password recovery toolbox to target the Microsoft Office programs including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access and no matter your version is 97, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 or 2013, no matter the program of Office is Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access or Outlook, you can utilize it to crack your Office password all the time. At the same time, in view of the different versions you have different method on using it. Now let’s see how to use this powerful tool.

Pattern One: Remove Office Password on Microsoft Office 97-2003.

Even though there are fewer people who are still using Office 2003 version below, we are not sure that no users are using them. So in order to help this special throng, they can remove the Office password with this Office password remover.

Just got this tool in any way and then install it to your computer, open this program and choose the document that is password protected, select the 100% Instant Document Decryption mode and the follow the instructions to fulfill Office password remove process. By the way, this way is only support Office Word document password remove and Excel spreadsheet password remove.


Pattern Two: Recover Office Password on Microsoft Office 97-2013.

It is lucky for all the users of all MS Offices version because they can retrieve their lost Office password instead of removing it and they can recover all the versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook password. Since most of the Office users use the version of 2007 and 2010. Therefore, for Office 2007 users this is an Office 2007 password recovery tool and for Office 2010 users this is an Office 2010 password recovery tool.

Just install this Office password cracker and then choose your target document the same as the pattern one and then choose recover the password. There are three attack types in this recovery mode. They are Brute-Force Attack,Brute-Force with Mask and Dictionary. Just chose one of them based on your requirement and the click next to recover your Office password successfully.


What a great Office password recovery tool!Still confused about it or interested in it? It doesn’t matter. You can click your mouse and visit this website to learn more information about it. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

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Tricks to Reset Windows 8 Administrator Password

Problem: “My sister has locked herself out of her Windows 8 account with Administrator privileges. Everything she tried to but needs to provide an administrator password, which she used to lock herself out. Is there anything she can do”?

Solution: Reset her Windows 8 administrator password to regain administrator privileges of her computer.
Here are some solutions for her to reset Windows 8 admin password. No special technical skill required. Everyone can do it by following the methods listed below.

reset windows 8 password

Completely free solution – use Ophcrack or Linux Live CD
If she wants to solve her problem without any charge, the best solution is to use Opchrack or create a Linux Live CD.

Ophcrack is a complete free Windows password recovery that runs on Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, Mac, linux. Based on rainbow tables, this free Windows password recovery allows her to recover her forgotten Windows 8 password, not reset the password. But this freeware is complicated and time-consuming. Most of important, the password recovery rate is not guaranteed.

Creating a Linux Live CD is another choice when she forgot Windows 8 password or other Windows passwords. But if your sister is newbie, this method is not suggested as it requires a little technique skills.

The easiest and fastest solution – use Windows Password Key Professional

Windows Password Key Professional is an easy yet efficient Windows password reset app designed for personal and business users. With this simple utility, she can burn a bootable Windows password reset disk with CD/DVD or USB drive in seconds to reset the lost Windows password on locked PC. And she will be access the locked PC without password.

This program can reset any type of Windows password, such as Windows administrator password, standard user password and guest password. It support all popular Windows platforms like Windows 8/7/Vista/XP and Windows servers. The whole Windows 8 password recovery process will cost no more than 4 minutes, regardless of her computing level and password strength. Overall steps:

1. Download and install Windows Password Key Professional in any PC.
2. Burn a bootable Windows password reset disk with CD/DVD/USB drive.
3. Start her locked PC from the bootable password reset disk.
4. Reset lost Windows 8 administrator password within a few clicks.

The last solution – Reinstall Windows
Reinstalling Windows is always regarded as the last solution when it comes to bypass Windows 8 password. This will not only erase some of  important data, but also take her much time.

One more tip: In reality, the best solution for resetting a forgotten Windows 8 password is to use the password reset disk created through the Windows 8 built-in feature. But the presupposition is that she remembers to create that disk before forgetting her computer password.

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The Effective Method Bypass Windows XP Password

bypass xp passwordMany people who set a login password on their windows XP system come across a trouble that they lose the important password. There are many reasons that can a password be lost. For example, they may forgot XP password because they haven’t used the account for a long time. Or the password was changed by the hackers who attacked your computer.

They must be very worried that their personal information will be let out. They also can’t log on their computer to get some urgent documents and files because the password is lost. How to recover a forgotten Windows XP password becomes a main project for the users.

However, some of them think it too difficult and wasting so much time to recover a new password. I have good news for the users. There is an effective method to bypass Windows  XP password in a fast and high quality way. This method will be taught step by step.

Download and run Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0.

Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0 is necessary tool when you want to reset the windows XP login password. It is easy to be operated and has a safety guarantee.
If you want to have a better experience of this software, you can buy a formal edition. You have 3 formal editions to choose: the Standard edition, the Platinum edition, the Ultimate edition. The Platinum edition allows you to reset Windows active directory (domain) administrator password. And the Ultimate edition allows you to reset the windows active directory administrator password, adds new users, and deletes users. You can choose one of them according to your personal situation.

Burn the software to a CD\DVD disk or a USB drive.

It requires you to carry a CD\DVD disk or a USB drive. You can use either of them so that you can continue to follow this steps. Insert the disk or USB drive into your locked computer and boot it.

There will be an operation panel popping on the screen. Firstly, you should select a windows. For example, if the password was set in the windows XP, you could choose the windows XP.

Then, select the user. And click the Reset button. The password of the user will be blank at once.

Reboot the computer. Click the Reboot button. But before the reboot starts, a message will remind you to remove the device you insert from the computer. Otherwise, it will be back to step 3 again after the rebooting. And it will ask if you are sure to reboot. Click the Yes button if you are sure.

After the restarting, you can log on your computer now. The method is of 100% recovery rate. It saves time and has perfect effect. Why not learn it now?

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My Experience on Lost Acer Windows 8 Password Recovery

Last month, I made password protect win 8 on my Acer Aspire laptop. I always felt safe about my important business-related information secured in this laptop. But when I lost Acer password Windows 8 this time, I was in a total mess. Luckily, the Windows 8 password recovery software saved me.

Reinstalling means lost data and it should be the last solution. I did not want to waste my time and money on some useless password reset software. So I did lots of research on the best Windows 8 password recovery software. I know watching our login screen when we’re forgotten our password is a nightmare and that is the reason why I am writing this post. I just wanted to inform you that there is a safe way to get your Acer Aspire recovery password easily and quickly. Here is a little trick that will get you back in.

At first, please check if you have the following things:
1. A PC that you can log in as administrator
2. A USB flash drive
3. Windows Password Recovery Tool
Note: you have stored something important on the USB drive, please have a backup at first.

lost acer windows 8 password

Windows Password Recovery Tool  is a powerful Windows password reset program that works well for Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000 and server 2003(R2)/2008(R2). By using this tool, you can create a bootable password reset CD/DVD or USB flash drive to reset your lost Windows 8 password in an easy, instant and safe manner. No need to reinstall Windows or turn to others. It only takes you 3 steps to hack computer password in less than 4 minutes.

Once these things are at your hand, you can start to get Acer password reset lost windows 8 with Windows Password Recovery Tool. Here’s a simple guide on how to reset Acer password with this tool.
Step 1. Download and install Windows Password Recovery Tool from
Step 2. Insert a USB flash drive and burn a bootable USB disk
Step 3. Boot from USB drive
Step 4. Reset Acer password Windows 8

When Windows Password Recovery Tool  appears, Select your Acer system (Windows 8) -> select the account that you want to reset password of -> click Change password button. Enter your new password and click OK. Then the forgotten Acer Windows 8 password will be changed to the new one in seconds. After that, click Reboot button to restart your computer.( Please remove the bootable USB drive during restarting.)

Make it! this method is easy enough for newbie to follow – it doesn’t require using any complicated commands. Good to know and the technique do look relatively easy!

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Complete Methods of Windows 8 Password Recovery

When we install a new Operating System, the main issue is security. It is easy to set a strong password for logging into Windows 8. But what if you forget the password? Is there any way to recover the forgotten passwords in Windows 8? Let’s take a look at the possibilities of Windows 8 password recovery options.

Option 1: Set up the Password Hint

create a password windows 8 hint

On one hand, you had better create a helpful password hint which will be visible on Windows 8 logon if you enter an incorrect password. On the other hand, the hint should be related to your password so that you may remember your password if you get that hint.

Note: Password hints are only available for local account users.

Option 2: Create a PIN

It is a convenient and easy way to login to Windows 8 immediately by Creating a 4 digit PIN code. In addition to the normal password and the picture password, you can enable PIN code login for Windows 8. This can be a good option and will act as a backup method to login if you forgot Windows 8 password. To create a PIN code, open the charms bar and go to Search. Search for “users” and select Users from the search results. Select “Create a PIN” under Sign-in options.

windows 8 PIN

Once the PIN is created, you will see a link “Sign-in options” on the Windows 8 logon screen.

Option 3: Create a Picture Password

Picture passwords are easier to remember as they are visuals. If you are using a touch enabled device, it is easy to create a picture password. To create a picture password, open the charms bar and go to Search. Search for “users” and select Users from the search results.

Select “Create a picture password” under Sign-in options.

create a picture password

Option 4: Enable the Administrator Account

Windows 8 Consumer Preview comes with the Administrator account disabled By default. So you should use the computer with a user with Standard privileges. This will help secure your computer even if the account is hacked. This is because the hacker will not be able to change critical settings and delete important files which are necessary to keep the Operating System running. Moreover, you can enable the Administrator account or create another backup account with Administrative privileges so that you may be able to login with the Administrator account to reset the forgotten password.

To enable the administrator account, go to quick admin tools –> Run –> compmgmt.msc. This will open Computer Management tools. You can also open the tools by right clicking on Computer –> Manage. Then Go to Local users and groups –> Users. Double click the Administrator user and un-check “Account is disabled”.

enable windows 8 admin password

Option 5: Create a Windows 8 Password Reset Disk

Windows 8 password reset disk can give you an even more secure way to secure your win 8 OS.

To create a password reset disk, open the Charms bar and go to Search. Search for “password reset”. Click “Settings” under the search field and select “Create a password reset disk” from the search results. Follow the wizard to create the password reset disk. You will need to have a CD/DVD or a USB flash drive for creating a password reset disk.

create a windows 8 password reset disk

Option 6: Using Password Recovery Program

If all of the above methods fail, the good news is that lots of password recovery program also works with Windows 8. You can boot the password recovery tool from CD/DVD and bypass Windows 8 logon and then reset the password once you’re in Windows 8.Here I would like to list top 4 password recovery software for you.

Top 1: Ophcrack


Ophcrack is the most popular Windows password reset software as it is free and open source. Passwords can be recovered automatically without installing anything on the computer. You only need to download and burn the OPHCRACK Live CD and boot the PC using the Live CD. If you are a newbie, it’s not recommended as it requires some computer skills and the password recovery rate is not guaranteed.

Top 2: Windows Password Recovery Tool

windows password recovery tool

Windows Password Recovery Tool is an easy-to-use tool designed for resetting Windows local account or domain passwords on any Windows system. Passwords can be reset in 3 minutes, no matter how long and complicated your Windows 8 password is. Besides password recovery function, it even can change any local admin/user/domain admin password, and create a new Administrator account via CD/DVD or USB drive. It also works with Windows 7/Vista/XP/2008/2003/2000.

Strengths: Easy (3 steps: Download – Burn – Reset); Fast (Only 3 minutes even less); Safe (Read-only and non-destructive design, no any data loss or damage).

Top 3: Windows Password Key

windows password key

Windows Password  Key is a professional Windows 8 password recovery program to reset lost Windows 8 password with ease. It also works with Windows 7/Vista/XP/2008/2003/2000.This Software creates a password reset CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive that works at the time of booting process. You can reset forgotten Windows 8 password with just 3 steps:

Step 1. Download and install Windows Password Key in any computer(not locked one).
Step 2. Burn a bootable Windows password reset disk with CD/DVD or USB drive in seconds.Insert the burned disk the computer that you want to reset password of.
Step 3. Stat the computer and set its BIOS of the computer to boot from CD ROM or USB. Recover windows 8 password within 3 clicks.

Top 4: SmartKey Windows Password Recovery

SmartKey windows password recovery

SmartKey Windows Password Recovery can help you instantly reset Windows password. It can remove Windows 8 password efficiently and let you login Windows without any password. No technical knowledge required. And you have no need to format or re-install Windows! It supports Windows 7/Vista/XP/2008/2003/2000 as well.

Three Simple Steps to Remove Forgotten Windows 8 Login Password

* Step 1: Download and install, run the program on an unlocked computer.
* Step 2: Make a bootable CD or DVD with the program.
* Step 3: Reset forgotten Windows 8 password with the created CD/DVD

Feeling good? If you have any other methods for Windows 8 password recovery, feel free to share with us through comments


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