How to Unlock Excel Password with the Newest Office Password Recovery?

Have you ever suffered a lost Excel password situation? If so, ever wished to unlock Excel password? In the past, for true, people didn’t know how to unlock the forgotten or lost Excel password since Microsoft doesn’t offer service of cracking forgotten Excel password to its users though it creates Excel spreadsheets and allows users to add passwords to the Excel files. But up till now, losing or forgetting Excel password has turned a common-occurrence, therefore some software providers seize this marketing chance, and successfully launch some effective tools to unlock Excel, Word and even PPT passwords for users.

Of course, among those tools, some are good while some are malfunctioned. Therefore, to select a suitable and reliable Office password unlock software tool is pretty necessary. While we are on this subject, I would humbly recommend Office Password Recovery Professional tool you. This is a quite powerful tool which enables you to recover the forgotten Excel password or just remove the password directly.

What is more, GPU-accelerated Office Password Recovery can use powerful processing units of your ATI and NVIDIA video cards to remove, replace or recover passwords protecting Microsoft Excel documents faster. This tool allows specifying a variety of masks and attacks to ensure the quickest recovery of the most complex passwords. With it, you can cease worrying about the possibility of having forgotten the Excel password. Next, let’s how this tool works on Excel password recovery or removing.

Remove Excel password directly with Office Password Recovery Professional.
Step1: First feel free to download and install, run this Office Password Recovery Professional on your PC.
Step2: After the program runs, click “Open” in the main interface to upload the target Excel file.
Step3: Select “100 instant document decryption” and click “Next” to go on.
Step4: Click “Document Decrypt” to start removing Excel password for real.
Step5: In less than 5 minutes, the password will be decrypted successfully. And the decrypted file (*_Fixed.xls) can be automatically saved in the folder where you put the protected Excel spreadsheet.

Recover Excel password with Office Password Recovery Professional.
After download, install and run the program, and import the target Excel file similarly to the steps above in removing Excel password. You then can perform the below steps to recover password:
Setp1: Select “Recover the password” and click “Next” to proceed.
Step2: Now you have 3 options in choice of brute-force attack (known as password technique). Choose any one of them according to how much information of the password you could still think of.
Step3: Simply by clicking “Start”, you can initiate the Office password recovery.
(Note: To recover Excel password with this way will be quite fast since the GPU acceleration technology has been introduced in this program for password recovery. I’ve used this program to have a test on my 5-password Excel spreadsheet, the whole recovery process only takes me 45 seconds, very, very fast.)

Yep, we have finished all the steps to unlock Excel password. Now have you got how to recover Excel password? If still any question, please visit here to get more information:


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