How to Crack Word Password?

Any Word password crack solution?
“Okay, to stop various people (e.g. my brother) from reading my diaries, I put the password protect thing on. I am using MS Office 2003 for my Win 7-based HP PC. The problem is I seem to have forgotten my password or just keep getting it wrong for my diaries saved in Word. I really want to keep writing diary, so is there any way for me to recover or crack my password somehow?”

The answer now is fortunately “Yes”. It wasn’t possible for gaining access to the protected Word files without telling their opening passwords a few years ago. But now things have changed, significant advancement in technology has occurred. As a result, there have been specific methods created to crack Word password.

Before discussing on Word password crack, I would like to share some types of passwords for Word first:

1.“Password to open”

Password to open requires a password to open a document. You will be denied access to the document if you don’t know this password. If you try to open protected document, the following dialog box appears:




2.“Password to modify”

Password to modify requires password to edit a document with a special read-only setting. Only an authorized user is allowed to edit and save the changes as well. If you try to open a document with such type of password, the following dialog box appears:

3.“Protect document password”

With this type of protection, users can prevent the document from any alterations. The protected documents can be freely viewed only, but no one is allowed to edit, copy or format it.

With learning what the types of Word passwords are, we now can start to crack Word password.

How to crack Word password with specific Office password crack tool?

Speaking to Office password crack tool, here I humbly recommend Office Password Recovery Professional. This is a very powerful tool designed to remove or recover forgotten passwords for protected files created by Word 97-2010. Below are the specific steps on how to operate this tool.

Step1:  Free download this Office Password Recovery Professional and then launch it quickly.
Step2: Click “Open” to load the target protected Word document.
Step3: You have 2 options, choose one of them: 100% instant document decryption and Recover the password. The former one means “remove password directly”, and the latter one means password recovery. Next, just click “Next” button to proceed.
Step4: If the former option has been chosen, here click “Decrypt Document” to start to remove forgotten password. While if the latter option chosen, here all you to do is just simply a click of “Start” button to begin password recovery.
(Note: Before click “Start” button, there are some settings you can define by yourself, such as Min and Max Length of the password, any numbers or capital letters, special symbols included in the password etc. This is based on the information of the password you can still remember. )

Now, you have finished cracking Word password. Then you can re-access to your Word document within seconds.



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